Our Girls



- Very rich white coat

-Youthful and energetic personality

- English Golden Retriever in her lines

-Medium size frame

-Very attentive and loving




-English Background

-Has a thick  straight white coat

-Medium size frame

-Very lovable and very active female

-Should whelp mostly white puppies

-Recommended offspring for active families




-Rich Golden with  some white highlights

-Youthful and energetic, very lovable

-Mix of American/English Golden  Retriever  in her pedigree

-Medium size frame

-Should whelp more color

-A very by your side companion



-Has a thick  wavy coat

-An English Golden  retriever

-Medium size frame

-Very strong and active female

-Will whelp English white puppies

-Great offspring for those very active families

-Gentle and loving female