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Owners Contract 

​(must be signed before pick-up)

Whispering Acres Golden Retriever Contract


Gerald Sackrider

415142 41st Line, RR2

Embro, Ontario, Canada

N0J 1J0





We are dedicated breeders of Golden Retrievers, our responsibility is to protect our puppies. Therefore we have developed our contract to protect the purchaser, breeder and most of all, the puppy. Under the terms of this contract, the undersigned parties agree to the following conditions with regard to the golden retriever puppy described below:



Registered Name: ________________________________________________________________

Sex:______ Male OR ____Female Color__________________

Whelp Date: ___________________________________________________

CKC Litter#:________________________________________________________________



Micro chip ID__________________________________________

Dam: __________________________________________Dam CKC #___________________

Sire:___________________________________________Sire CKC#____________________

Breeder: Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers / Gerald Sackrider, (hereinafter “Breeder”)






Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________


• Purchase price: The purchase price is $2100.00 plus GST for a family pet puppy and a first pick puppy is an additional $200. A breeders choice puppy is $4000 when available.

• Deposit: Breeder hereby accepts a deposit of $400.00, which shall be paid concurrently with the execution of this Purchase Agreement and shall be applied towards the purchase price of the puppy. (non refundable if purchase canceled)

• Shipping expenses: In the event the puppy is to be shipped. Buyer shall be responsible for all associated costs including transportation to the airport, shipping crate, airfare. Buyer must pay for puppy at least  1 day before shipment of puppy to Buyer.

• Registration: This puppy is being sold as a pet and companion animal. Registration for this puppy is through the Canadian Kennel Club.

Breeder Agreements:

• Both the Sire and Dam are purebred and CKC registered. Both parents have been screened for hips, eyes, and heart.

• The Breeder has exercised every practice known by ethical breeders at this time to produce sound, healthy Golden Retrievers. A 24-month health guarantee is offered on purchased puppy regarding hip and eyes defects.

• The puppy is in good health at the time of purchase. The puppy has also been loved daily and properly cared for to date and has been checked by our veterinarian. The puppy has received its first shots, has been dewormed x2. Immunization and deworming records will be provided at the time of delivery.

• Our puppies are primarily intended for families who desire a pet or therapy dog.

• As of the signature date of this contract, both Sire and Dam have NOT been affected by cancer or epilepsy or allergic conditions to normal environmental stimuli.

• The Breeder does not assume any liability for any injury or veterinarian expenses to purchased puppy once picked up by the buyer or delivered safely by Breeder to the airport personnel.


Buyer Agreements:

• Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed and reputable Veterinarian within 5 business days of taking possession of the puppy to verify the puppy is in good, sound health. If the veterinarian finds the puppy to be at risk due to congenital defect (existing at birth), owner shall notify Breeder and provide a written statement from licensed Veterinarian describing the puppy’s condition and shall return, at Buyer’s expense, the puppy to the breeder within three days of the examination. If the puppy is in the same condition mentally and physically as when originally purchased, the Breeder will give a full refund or provide a replacement puppy of equal quality, sex (which will be determined solely by the breeder) at no charge within 12 months of the animal’s return. Any shipping fees for a replacement puppy is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. All veterinary bills are at the buyer’s expense. It also does not include indigestion of foreign objects, ingestion of food or chemicals, or physical injury contracted or incurred following Buyer’s receipt of puppy.

• In the event of the puppy’s death, the Buyer must notify the Breeder within 36 hours.

• The puppy is sold to the Buyer in the good faith that it will not be bred. The buyer must have the puppy spayed/neutered by one (1) year of age. Full breeding rights cost an additional $1000.00 after all health clearances have been provided at two (2) years of age.

• The puppy is to receive proper veterinary care and vaccinations for the duration of its life.

• The Buyer agrees to provide 4 Strong Paws puppy food for a period of 2 years from purchase and failure to do so will render the health guarantee null and void.Please keep your receipts as proof.

• The Buyer agrees to provide Nu Vet immune system builder to the puppy due to different environmental conditions the puppy may come in contact with, and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature. The terms our guarantee on puppy will not be honored unless they are given Nu-vet Plus® immune system builder, as directed by the manufacturer, for the entire guarantee period of 2 years. Failure to do so will render the guarantee null and void. Please keep your receipts as proof.

• The Buyer agrees NEVER to sell/give/trade/transfer ownership of this puppy to any large commercial breeding establishment, any agent, any wholesaler, or any party not included in the original sales agreement.

• In the event, at any future time, the Buyer cannot keep this puppy, the Buyer must first notify and get an agreement from the Breeder. This dog, including signed registration and all veterinarian records, can be returned to the Breeder at the Buyer’s expense. If the Buyer has a good home lined up, the Buyer will notify the Breeder to help screen the new party interested in taking new ownership of the dog. The Breeder has the first right of refusal. The new home must be a pet friendly home and the puppy/dog must be spayed/neutered. The guarantee becomes void if breeder is not properly notified before being re-homed.

• Should an animal purchased under this agreement be returned for any reasons whatsoever, buyer accepts responsibility for, and shall pay, without recourse against the Seller, any and all transportation expenses, veterinary charges, crate fees, air freight charges, and transport fees to and from the involved airports.

• Buyer agrees to release and hold harmless the Breeder and Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers for any and all liability, damages, or injuries, caused either directly or indirectly by this dog to any person, whether actual or legal, or to any property, whether real or personal. Furthermore, Buyer assumes full liability for any damages or injuries, whether actual or legal, or to any property, whether real or personal, after receiving possession of this dog. Buyer further agrees to indemnify or reimburse the Breeder and Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers as a result of any costs or expenses incurred as a result of any act of the Buyer causing liability, damages, or injuries as set forth herein.


Health Guarantee:

• If this puppy is found to have any of the faults listed below by 24 months of age, Breeder will offer at no charge a replacement puppy, upon presentation of said fault by a licensed veterinarian:


HIP DYSPLASIA (As diagnosed by two qualified veterinarians, one of whom is selected by the Breeder, and confirmed by an OFA evaluation)

ELBOW DYSPLASIA (DJD Grade II or III, as rated by the OFA)


FAILURE TO PASS EYE CERF (Second opinion required)

• The Breeder does not assume any liability for complications or death during elective and contractual procedures such as but not limited to spay/neuter.

• Breeder is not responsible if puppy contracts a communicable disease after leaving Breeder’s possession.

• The breeder has no control regarding the future temperament, habits, and appearance of the dog, and hence does not warrant such.


Limitations of Guarantee.

• Failure to comply with conditions of this contract shall constitute a “breach of contract” and will result in the dog being permanently returned to the Breeder along with registration papers. Further, the Buyer will be responsible for all expenses with no expense to the Breeder.

• The following will also void all guarantees:

Not feeding 4 strong paws food for 2 years to puppy. Not providing Nu Vet immune system builder for 2 years to puppy. Receipts required as proof.

Buyer permitting the dog to be underfed or overfed at any time.

Evidence of neglect or abuse

Unexplained or untreated trauma (broken bones, related injuries, physical harm, etc.)

Dog has been bred

Evidence of strenuous exercise

For purposes of this agreement, a reputable veterinarian is one who is duly licensed by the province in which he practices and maintains an active, full-time private practice of which the care of dogs owned as pets is the most significant element of his practice.


This agreement may be modified only by a written agreement signed by all parties. There shall be no oral modifications to this agreement.


I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms of the items contained in this contract. I understand that this document contains the entire agreement of the parties and shall be binding to the parties signing, as well as their heirs, successors, and legal representatives.



Signature of Breeder:

Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers



Signature of Buyer:


Children's  Contract

 ​(must be signed before pick-up)

Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers Children's Contract


I promise to take care of my dog, _____________________________________, during his/her whole lifetime. I will teach my dog to trust me by treating him with love and respect. I will be kind, gentle, and generous to my dog at all times. I will be responsible for providing him with the things that he needs to be healthy and happy. I am making this commitment to my dog.

I will give food and water to my dog in a clean dish everyday.
I will make sure my dog has shelter from hot, cold, and wet weather.
I will make sure my dog sees a veterinarian for shots and checkups.
I will provide a collar and ID tag for my dog to wear at all times.
I will keep my dog from running loose in the neighborhood.
I will keep my dog clean and brushed and looking good.
I will spend time everyday with my dog playing, or going for a walk.
I will always protect my dog from people or things that might hurt him.


Child's Signature_______________________________ Date____________________

Child's Signature_______________________________ Date____________________

Child's Signature_______________________________ Date____________________

Child's Signature_______________________________ Date____________________

Our dogs are more then just dogs, they're a living treasure!

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